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2019 Board Vote ends 10/18, Thursday by 5 pm!
Dear SHLL Members, It’s time again for our membership to...
Hello SHLL Families:   SHLL is always looking for continued...
Call for Next Board Volunteer
Somerset Hills Little League is looking for Board Members for the...
2019 Board Vote ends 10/18, Thursday by 5 pm!

Dear SHLL Members,

It’s time again for our membership to update and approve our league Constitution and elect our 2019 Board. 

The Constitution is the League’s governing document, and covers items such as membership, the election of officers, discipline, and finances.  The proposed Constitution link is below and we have provided highlights for your reference.  Please review the document and vote using the "VOTE" link below no later than Friday, October 19, 2018


Please select the "BOARD VOTE" link below to elect our candidates to the 2019 Board. You must select a minimum of 11 candidates no later than Thursday, October 18, 2018 by 5 pm. Your vote and input are greatly appreciated.


Thank you, SHLL Board



Highlights of the new SHLL Constitution

​The league’s constitution is meant to be a document that provides the basic framework for the league and does not get amended very often.  The constitution must be voted on by the league’s general membership during an annual meeting.  Once approved, it can remain in place for several years.  

• Article III, Section 2:  Defines who the members of the league are.  Includes players, parents, coaches, Board members, and other volunteers.  Members of the league have voting rights to elect Board members.  In addition to electing Board members during the Annual Meeting, the Board is required to present certain information to the General Membership, as set forth in Article IV, Section 6.
• Article IV, Sections 5 and 6:  Discusses the SHLL annual membership meeting.  The constitution needs to be approved during this meeting, and the Board gets elected during this meeting.  During the Annual Meeting, the President is required to present certain information to the general membership, including information about the league’s finances.    
• Article V, generally:  Explains the composition of the Board of Directors, how it conducts the business of the league, as well as their responsibilities.  
• Article V, Sections 5 and 6:  The Board can appoint persons to serve on standing and other committees as it shall determine to be appropriate, and can appoint other officers as appropriate.  
• Article IX:  Explains how the league’s finances are managed, and certain checks and balances on how the league’s money is spent.
• Article X:  Provides that SHLL will not discriminate against or limit participation in its league on the basis of any criteria prohibited under federal, state or local law.  

by posted 10/15/2018

Hello SHLL Families:


SHLL is always looking for continued skill development opportunities for our league. I am pleased to announce that BHS Varsity Baseball Head Coach Jeff Falzarano and Freshman Head Coach TJ Locatelli will be offering two upcoming skills clinics for SHLL players. Each clinic will include 2-1 hour sessions of either hitting or pitching training held over 2 days, Sunday October 21 and Sunday October 28th at Kiwanis Majors Baseball Field. You may enroll in either the pitching clinic (Clinic 1), hitting clinic (Clinic 2), or both.


Clinic 1:  Pitching/Catching/Fielding Clinic: October 21 and 28, 2-3 PM  

Clinic 2:  Hitting Clinic: October 21 and 28, and 3-4 PM 


The clinics are designed for parents to participate with their children and will be applicable to players ages 8 and up. The cost of each clinic (inclusive of both weekend sessions) is $60 f you participate with your children or $75 if you are unable to participate with your player.  


Please sign up Here to reserve your slots.  Space is limited.

Thank you,

SHLL Board













by posted 10/14/2018
Call for Next Board Volunteer

Somerset Hills Little League is looking for Board Members for the 2018-2019 season.  The commitment is 1 year.  Please consider joining us this season and helping make our program even better than ever for our players.  Please email Stephen Calulo, if you have questions regarding the Board.  We are always looking for great volunteers to help make the league run well.  In particular we are in need of those with experience in web administration or communications and are willing to help us this coming season.  All volunteers are welcome, you do not need to be a coach.   Please let us know by Monday October 15th  if you are interested in joining.  Thank you in advance for volunteering your time and supporting SHLL!

by posted 10/10/2018
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